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Wellness over materialism

One of the greatest piece of advice my dad has instilled into me is that you should ALWAYS invest into wellness. With the way the world is now it’s easy to get consumed by greed but there’s absolutely no price on your own HEALTH. Even the richest man in the world can’t save a person whose so deep into cancer that now all they can do just think back to better days and hope that when it does come it won’t be painful.

Materials like bags, shoes, watches, they’ll always be there. sure it’s “limited” edition but honestly it’s just a another product with a fancy name attached to it. It isn’t worth being hungry over nor is it worth skipping a doctors appointment. Don’t go broke being unable to provide for yourself for materialism. Everyone is greedy there’s nothing we can do in regards to that but we do however have control :)

I hate this constant feeling of fatigue and depression